COVID-19: Back to School

We understand the reluctance and concerns about our patients returning to school this fall. Since COVID-19 is a new disease, there continue to be new developments and recommendations on how to safely manage our patients and our practice.

As a practice, we believe that it is important for our healthy children to return to school. Based on the current recommendations from the CDC and American Academy of Pediatrics, the educational and social benefits of resuming in-person education outweigh the risks of contracting the disease.

While children can contract the disease, there are data continuing to support that COVID-19 is less severe in children and adolescents. Unfortunately, we lack the information we need to clearly define the most at-risk pediatric patients. The CDC has outlined which medical conditions are considered at increased risk and those that are considered possibly at increased risk.

Schools that are resuming in-person education are implementing strategies to reduce the risk and spread of COVID-19. Many are following the recommendations of the CDC with increased cleaning, social distancing and face coverings for staff and children over the age of 2. While we understand that there are exceptions to this as well, we encourage patients who are old enough and not medically restricted from wearing a face covering, to do so.

According to the pulmonary specialists at St. Louis Children’s Hospital, the diagnosis of asthma does not qualify for a mask exemption. See the following resources for tips on how to make mask wearing more comfortable for those with asthma.

If your child with asthma has difficulty breathing with a mask, then they may not be well controlled and would require evaluation by a physician.

If your child has a medical diagnosis that prohibits them from safely returning to school or prevents them from being able to safely wear a mask, please communicate with the school and find out what is required to support your child’s educational needs. If a letter is requested from a physician, please reach out to us at 314-535-7855.


The physicians at Forest Park Pediatrics, LLC