Kid Care App

Free from St. Louis Children’s Hospital and available for download on Android or iPhone.

Car Seat Information provides information regarding car safety along with tools to assist you in picking the best car seat for your child.

Lead Information

These two sites are great tools for learning about the dangers and prevention of lead poisoning.

General Medical Information and Parenting Resources

  • Visit St. Louis Children’s Hospital to learn about services provided and find helpful information regarding any medical questions you may have regarding your child’s health.
  • Visit Healthy Children to access tools and information provided by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Click here to access the symptom checker.
  • Visit Medline Plus to find information on health topics, learn about medicine and supplements, and access an extensive medical encyclopedia.


Cut Down on Cholesterol (PDF)
Counting Calcium (PDF)

Head Injuries (PDF)

Diarrhea or Vomiting (PDF)
Fever (PDF)

Guidelines for Breastfeeding Women (PDF)
Infant Feeding Guidelines (PDF)
Infant Feeding Schedule (PDF)
Infant Sleep Environment (PDF)
Sleeping Schedule (PDF)

General Information
Area Dentists (PDF)
Firearm Safety (PDF)
Lice (PDF)
Ready Readers’ Booklist (PDF)
Sleep Disorders (PDF)
Speech Pathology (PDF)
Stool Collection (PDF)

Medication Dosing
Click here for information on dosage for common medications.

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